Pop the Champs - it’s launch day!


Hey Everyone!

DRIFT Dress_Run_Yoga is here and I’m very excited to meet all of you! It’s been a year-long project I’ve been working on but the experience to get here has been a nice journey.  In the last year I worked with so many individuals to get me here.  I also did some “test kitchen” in cooking and baking so that I can share some good, healthy treats and more with all of you.  I “yoga” my way almost daily, I did some running plan testing with different individuals, met some groups for track training and lastly, did some research on clothing companies for fashion now at a price.  Oh so exciting to have experienced it all! 

So what will be on the blogs?  The blogs will be about things I’m passionate, love and obsessed about that I’ll be sharing with you.  Most of them will be things I or my husband have tested, tried, made, been to and more.  So in a nut shell it will be a lifestyle blog that I hope to keep interesting, exciting and make you want to try it, do it and share with others as well.

Now I want to take the opportunity to thank the fabulous people who made everything possible!  First and foremost, my hubs (who is cringing right now that I am talking about him here) so this won't be a long one.  He has been my biggest supporter and my partner every step of the way!  I can’t thank him enough for standing by me in making DRIFT possible.

My graphic designer, Stephanie Clarke of www.dahliapress.com It’s been a wonderful partnership and what beautiful work she does.  Stephanie owns a card shop in Seattle, a must visit because it is the cutest!  Her work has been featured in New York Times this year.  Here are my faves available on line or at the shop.  


My photographers who made it easy for me to shoot in the midst of summer.  Shannon Douglas of www.shannondouglasphoto.com also is the creator of Honest Magazine, a quarterly production on food, available at www.honestmagazine.com. Jenna Lynn Fernandez of www.jennalynnphotog.com is the other who does beautiful street style shots and more - on my site you’ll see her work under “Dress.”  

That’s all friends - Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to connecting with you, perhaps working with you in the future.  

For now - feel free to comment on anything you have in your mind.  You may have questions that are not in FAQ - email me and let’s chat.  If you have any suggestions what you'd like to see in the blog, share it and I will give it my best to accommodate.  Don’t worry, the blogs won't be as long as this - they will be short with visuals.

Xo - Vivian