Graphics & LOGOS on Tees II LOGOMANIA is going to get bigger!

If you think GRAPHICS on clothing’s faded, they are just going to get bigger.  We saw more of it during FALL2018 fashion week from designers.  LOGOS were mixed in with graphics and some slogans as well that get everyone’s attention.  This makes it exciting!  There is also the return of old school band logos, foods, company names with updated & exciting designs to attract customers today.  Millennials, baby boomers, whatever generation anyone is, there is graphic/logo shirt for you.   Remember seeing DHL  logo on yellow T-shirts last year?  That got the same attention as Chanel's double C logo on a bag.  Customers of all ages liked it, or were fascinated by it!  It's exciting to see the rebirth of the 80's and 90's graphic/logo t-shirts. Guess and Calvin Klein logos were big during those times and they are making a come back once again. So we’re coming full circle from the 80’s and 90’s trends where graphics and LOGOs will get bigger and here to stay for awhile!  

How to WEAR

Any way you want // Dress it up with a fun skirt and heels, or wear with flowy pants.  Dress it down with jeans and flip-flops, or wear with shorts for the warmer days.  It's all up to you - make a statement, make it your style.

SPRING 2018 Runway Looks

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A look ahead II FALL 2018 Runway