WHITE for your feet + BUCKET II GRAB bags=RULED #NYFW

#NYFW Spring '18 was pretty HOT and the street style looks were to die for!  I don't think I’ve seen anything like it years past!  Everyone’s individual styles I admired and they were so spot on, showing off their true personalities - so fun seeing it all…Here are some personal looks + #NYFW street style standouts with WHITE for your feet + BUCKET II GRAB Bags and more.  I hope you get inspired or try something new with WHITE shoes and fun BUCKET II GRAB bags.  Don't forget to shop these pieces here or head on to https://www.pinterest.com/DriftbyVivian/boards/ and shop the boards.


Here we go…after labor Day we seem to put away our whites once the first weekend of September comes.  No need to - whites can stay a while, a long while and if you have white shoes - then, they are staying for sure.  WHITE shoes though?  It doesn't feel right I know, but why not brighten up fall?  WHITE boots are a MUST particularly ankle + calf boots.  And if you don't have white shoes and would like to try them…here are my 2 faves at a price and they are so comfortable!  *You may shop these shoes by clicking on the image below.

From #NYFW Street Styles // WHITE Footwear


What are these bag names?  They really aren't fancy names at all.  A BUCKET bag is anything that looks like a “bucket” big or small and structured.  A GRAB bag is anything that holds some things and usually made from a soft material such as fabrics, fur/faux fur (just like a grab bag from a party that you get gifted with.) I highly recommend!  After all ladies, all we need to carry in our bags are the essentials:  card holder, keys, cell phone, lip shine & face blotter.  So for fall, put those big bags aside & go for these BUCKET II GRAB bags.  *You may shop these bags by clicking on the images below,

From #NYFW Street Styles // BUCKET II GRAB Bags

WHITE Shoes + BUCKET II GRAB Bags paired w/ checks & stripes

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