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Yoga Conditioning for Runners

Increase your running speed and agility by combining physical conditioning and focused concentration. This class is designed for runners (as well as non-runners who want to explore ways to improve well-being) to help build endurance, challenge underused muscles, & increase flexibility. The yoga poses are designed to stretch tight and overused muscles, as well as incorporating lateral movements (front & back side to side poses) through synchronicity of the breath. Myofascial release will be incorporated during the workshop using myofascial alls to release tension and hydrate tissues, the fascia. Myofascial release techniques will also be introduced to incorporate in your regular daily or weekly routine to improve overall well being. The workshop will end with a short body scan meditation to bring awareness to the present moment.

Workshop Class Structure:

– Introduction & breath work (pranayama)
– Yoga flow
– Myofascial release techniques in between restorative yoga poses
– Meditation

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