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Flow & Roll aka Vinyasa + Myofascial Release

Meet me and Datza on the mat as we lead you to an amazing vinyasa flow (by Datza) and Myofascial Release (by me.).

Join us for the 3rd Flow and Roll practice of 2019!!!

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Moving Meditation at it's finest - we will reset and refresh our mind and body with rejuvenating 45min Vinyasa Flow with Datza, and restore or muscle tissues with 30min Myofascial Release guided by Vivian.

Myofascial release (MFR) is a gentle soft tissue manipulation approach clinically effective whether self-applied, or provided as a part of a therapeutic interventions. It is a technique to repair and keep the fascia healthy. MYO means muscloes, while FASCIA is the connective tissues that surrounds/ encloses muscles found underneath the skin.

What MFR does:

1.Release Tension

2. Restores collagen fibers

3. Reduces and removes adhesion

4. Restores motion

5. Hydrates tissues

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